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Segmen : Tanya Dan Jawab by YA

hello pepol ! GOOD MORNING !
hehe .Faraa join segmen kak yanie lagi . segmen kak yanie memang best . thats why la faraa join . so if korang mau join jugak klik sini ohkayy ? :D
Berkenaan dengan syarat , semuanya mudah . Tak susah okay ? Lagipun ada hadiah jugak . hho .

1.Your Girl Bestfriend :Girls in my class(2as)
2. Your Boy Bestfriend :Boys in my class(2as)
3. Your Nickname :pooh / rara / uda
4. Your Favourite Food :masakan ibu
5. Your Favourite Drink :manggo jus
6. Do You Have Mental Problems :No !
7. Something You Can't Live Without :Family,Friends
8. Last Person You Called :Dykaa
9. Your Birthday :12 june 98
10. Someone You Love :Dykaa
11. Someone You Hate :No one
12. Last Text Said :kbye
13. Your Super Bestfriend :Nur Azeannie
14. Do You Believe In God? :Sudah semestinya !
15. Would You Take You Ex Back? :Maybe .haha
16. Someone You Miss :My powerpuff girls(niece)
17. Last Person That Made You Laugh *sertakan tarikh kalau boleh* :Dykaa*3.12.12
18. Your Favourite Song :Hurt*christina aguilera
19. Is 2012 Are The Best Year Of Your Life :Ya!
20. Do You Like Malay Food :Ya!
21. How Old Are You :sweet 14
22. Do You Regret Anything From Your Past ? :Yes
23. Where Do You Want To Honeymoon ? :Paris
24. Do You Believe In True Love :Yes
25. What Is Your Attitude :Rude,silly,understanding,
26. Are You Scared Of GHOST? :No
27. What Is Your Status ? (Single / Taken / Married / Divorced / What ? ) : Taken ~
28. Have You Ever Broke Someone's Heart? :Yes
29. Who Is Your Favourite Singer ? :Adam levine,christina aguilera
30. What is your favourite colour ? :Pink,Peach,Green